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With great caring, professionalism and expertise, Mr. Feder has helped me and other members of my family navigate some of life's hardest challenges.  He focuses on positive and healthy solutions that work. I couldn't thank him enough for how he has helped my family. Besides being a wonderful counselor and therapist, I believe the greatest gift Mr. Feder has given me is the ability to heal some very significant trauma and discover who I am.  It is and has been a hard journey at times, but I am so blessed to have Mr. Feder be part of my journey.


This letter in specific is directed toward the skills both professionally and personally of Mr. Robert Feder

Mrs. Feder was assigned by the Doulas/Arapahoe District Courts as the CFI for our Paternal Rights Case. It is our opinion that she had gone above and beyond that of which she was required but, also that of which she received financial re-imbursement.  

  Mrs. Feder conducted her investigation with the highest degree professionalism imaginable. She further contributed of her own time to both parties to attempt to assist in making all things related to the overall safety/ welfare and future of the minor child considerably more manageable and easier to sustain. Mrs. Feder displayed compassion and understanding toward both parties while consistently remaining focused on the Best Interest of the Child.  

 Mrs. Feder’s investigation was lengthy, thorough and precise. In a manner of speaking, “She left no stone unturned”. This letter is being submitted from our family in fullest respect for all Mrs. Feder had done to ensure that the Best Interest of the Child was relayed to the courts. She gave of herself both professionally and personally to provide the information needed to ensure a safer/ happier/healthier and ultimately better-rounded future for the child.

We would highly recommend to anyone either personally or professionally that is in need of her exemplary services to contact her.   


D. Family

This letter in specific is directed toward the skills both professionally and personally of Mrs. Sharon Feder.

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